TRI Acquires GlobalOrphan, Porridge Expected

March 9, 2010

Our attorneys are on it/Photo: TRI

KANSAS CITY–Two Rogers Inc. is proud to announce its acquisition of the world’s seventh cleanest orphanage chain. TRI has steadily been developing our product line of orphans and homeless children after intially partnering with ChildFinders, Inc. in 1997. This new business acquisition meshes invaluable on-the-ground knowledge with the  efficiency and no-nonsense manner which has made TRI famous. In one of the most-hoped for market signals, initial reports from the more entrenched sectors of street urchin communities portrays them as shaking in fear.  TwoRogers couldn’t be happier.  Yes, it seems that TRI has finally tapped into the lucrative ‘factory district’ and ‘farmland’ markets.

While it would be poor strategy to reveal the whole business plan, TRI believes that the best way to adopt is to adopt the strongest of the breed.  No failure to thrive here.  While they will struggle mightily once they are initially ‘adopted’ (captured) they will soon become your fiercest ally.  We are not villains, we simply understand the fundamental truths and hardships that face the parentless ones on a day-to-day basis.  The sooner we can wrangle, secure and process them for commercialization the sooner they will lead less dangerous and destructively antisocial lives.  It is with this sentiment that TRI would like to assure the consumer that under the change of management Global Orphan will continue to live up to it’s motto of ‘bringing you only the best from around the world’.

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