Following the decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit (Never Stale Shrimp, LLC  v.  City of Topeka, 1932 KS  8th 314, 722 S.E. 8d 120), which was really rushed and incredibly unfair, Two Rogers Press was born and is committed to informing the public of most of what we do here.

TRI’s Press bureau acts as the midwife attending to the urgent cries of the day’s rapidly crowning zeitgeist. Our dedicated professionals are knee-deep in the crimson kiddie pool in your rec room so that you can go bowling with your friends or whatever, while we safely and naturally deliver the reality that your terrible decisions have wrought.

Currently Two Rogers is developing Manfinity, a gentleman’s magazine dedicated to serving the tastes of the modern XY chromosome, as well as The Gauntlet, Two Rogers’ salve to help the backbone of America get through the workday.

Press Articles

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